2007 November | The Penny Stock Guru

LNGT announced a contract valued at $480,000. Couple that news with yesterdays Cornell Capital news and LNGT looks ready to break through resistance at $.10. We alerted our members at http://www.pennystockforums.net to LNGT when it was trading at $.0025! It currently trades at $.09.

SHCM dropped after news was released concerning a share buyback and retirement. 4 million shares will be removed from the float. The stock should rebound nicely today in our opinion.

GEGP, a stock trading at $.0001, received significant volume yesterday. Today the released a PR so expect continued buys and a possible 100 – 300% run. As always don’t risk more than you can afford to lose. GEGP had no bid, meaning you could not sell your shares, this could happen again so always lock in your profits.

DLAVdealer advance, until the last 5 trading days, was a thinly traded penny stock that had settled into a range of $.0005 – $.001. The last 5 trading days has seen a tremendous boost in DLAV’s stock price, one that has many sitting on some tremendous gains. If you had bought $100 worth of DLAV stock at $.001 it would now be worth $2,000 as of yesterdays close of $.02.

Imagine that? It is truly mind boggling. Equally as mind boggling is trying to figure out why this stock had no interest for so long and now has over a million dollars traded in one day? Why are people buying this stock at $.02 when they could have bought it at $.0006 for weeks?

DLAV is another example of why we all play the penny stock market and why many people call positions in these companies “lotto tickets”. DLAV shareholders who are holding from $.0006 – $.001 have indeed bought some lotto tickets. Congratulations.

CCWW some promising news last night for the shell stock. This one should head higher today. The tradeable float is significantly less than the 1+ billion shares outstanding.

WESTPORT, CT–(MARKET WIRE)–Nov 6, 2007 — Cable & Co. Worldwide, Inc. (“Cable”) (Other OTC:CCWW.PK – News) has reached an understanding to purchase Quantum Research Services, Inc., doing business as Aspen Media and Market Research, Ltd., a Colorado corporation (“Quantum”). www.aspenonnet.comADVERTISEMENTHeadquartered in Colorado, Quantum is in the business of providing market research services, including research field services; circulation – subscription renewal and acquisitions; sales lead qualification program and specialized services; relational database creation and list consolidation; and print-to-electronic file conversion. Quantum had sales of $5.4 Million with an adjusted EBITDA of $405,000 for the year ended June 30, 2007. The closing of the Acquisition remains subject to various conditions, and it is currently anticipated that the Acquisition will be consummated in or about January 2008. Additional news regarding Cable’s business plan will be released later this week and over the course of the next several weeks.

HMWM trading at .0002 had no volume until the early afternoon and then was up 100% for the day on a great deal of buying. This could be a sub-penny stock to watch for the next week or so. Apparently the company is now registered under another name, we haven’t had a chance to verify this information.

PFUO has garnered some momentum this week after bottoming out below $.002. This one could touch $.01 before the week is out.

SHMM has been trading sideways since it soared from $.0015 to $.012 over the span of a few days. We feel it is setting up for another run. Keep your eyes on it.

A few stocks to watch today and the rest of the week:

IMTD is at the bottom. Acquisition announcements are expected soon. This stock will rally into the $.001′s and $.002′s when the press releases hit the news wire. This is a good time to accumulate.

PXIT The last time PXIT started getting volume like this it went well north of $.004 – right now it is trading at $.0004 – so you can see the type of potential gain that may lie ahead. This might be a stock you throw a little spare change at if you like excitement – because once it starts moving higher it will move very quickly!

DMGS is our new stock pick that we announced on Friday. The company intends on giving a $.10 cash dividend to all shareholders of record on November 20th. At these prices its hard to argue against buying, as the $.10 cash dividend already constitutes a 40% gain on the stock as of Fridays close.

ITLV and PFUO are two other stocks that look ready to bounce. As always do your own DD before buying. Also don’t view the above as anything other than our opinion. We are not investment advisers.

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Last Spring ECFL – ECarFly – had a similar, albiet, more spectacular run from $.003 to over .05. Most of the run was fueled bya number of press releases that were later removed from the Business Wire by ECFL. Thats right ECFL released PR’s that had a significantly positive affect on their stock and then removed them later on. Lets hope that these recent ECFL PR’s don’t get removed like the last ones.

An article from MN1 back in MArch of this year on ECFL

By Bethany AndersonMN1 CorrespondentDALLAS (March 7, 2007) – After sending out a steady stream of press releases over the past 10 days, some have called into question just how accurate certain claims made by eCarfly’s CEO, Desmond Milligan are.Milligan has claimed in recent releases to have deals with GM and Ford Motor Company, as well as a merger in the works with Terra Fuels Technologies, in which he relies heavily on an alleged deal in the offing between Terra Fuels and Waste Management, Inc.With such a sprinkling of corporate luminaries purported to be doing business with the company, some began questioning the veracity of the claims, and Market News First began looking more closely at the company.A visit to the eCarfly (PK:ECFL) website revealed it was not working. A visit by MN1 to the company’s corporate address on Greenville Avenue in Dallas revealed that they moved out “overnight,” according to one witness, about three months ago.A check of phone numbers revealed that both numbers frequently provided by Milligan in press releases belong to a cell phone and an unlisted number in Plano, Texas, a Dallas suburb.According to an announcement released today, the merger between eCarfly and Terra Fuels is supposed to be finalized March 14, with a press release disseminated the next day to explain the specific terms of the merger.Also this morning, the eCarfly announced that after the merger, the company would continue Terra Fuel’s “existing business relations” with Waste Management. Calls and e-mails to both companies were not returned.After Waste Management vice president of corporate communications Lynn Brown was shown the press release via e-mail and asked about its accuracy, the questions surrounding eCarfly’s claims didn’t lessen.“At this point, I have exhausted possibilities within WM, and can find no evidence of an existing contract with this organization,” Brown said. “I can also confirm that I did not authorize Waste Management to be used in this release. Therefore, I cannot confirm its accuracy as you have requested.”On March 2, Milligan released a press release touting the company’s technology, and saying that this time a potential deal with GM was in the offing.“eCarfly, Inc. is pleased to announce that the Alternative Fuels Company (AFC), will be showcasing the Co-Fueling Engine Technology to GENERAL MOTORS,” the release said. “The scheduled signing of the Letter of Intent to merge (LOI) remains on course for this afternoon’s board meeting. Verbal confirmations have been given to eCarFly’s CEO, Desmond Milligan, that the LOI will se signed according to plan without any need for provisions or extensions.”When asked for comment by GM, a company spokesperson said that any press release regarding GM would come from GM, and would be available on its website. A search of releases on the GM website did not reveal any dealings with eCarfly.“We are unable to verify the accuracy of the eCarfly press release as the website carrying the release is not maintained nor endorsed by General Motors,” the spokesperson said.A similar claim was made about dealings with Ford Motor Company, but Ford officials had not finished investigating by press time.MN1 host Saul Albom contributed to this