2009 January 29

FFGO is now officially off to the races. For anyone who missed the action on FFGO today, you missed out on a high octane fight for shares that began at mid-day and ended at the closing bell. There were three market makers asking to be bought at .0002. This looks like the same scenario that developed in the summer except this time FFGO appears ready to move on less volume. This would be a great sign to shareholders that the stock has less outstanding shares then in prior runs.

A few weeks ago we posted this:

Thursday, January 15, 2009

FFGO – Back In Play?
Some of you may recall our posts regarding FFGO back in the early summer. The stock rose from $.0001 to a high of $.0009 on huge volume and investor interest. The stock has now settled back down to the $.0001 level with no bid.Volume has returned to this stock and one might wonder if a run is in the cards again. With penny stocks, history does tend to repeat itself. FFGO should prove no different in this regard as the SEC filings have returned in earnest. SEC filings are positive when dealing with a $.0001 a stock as long as they don’t start with the letter “S”. FFGO might fester around the $.0001 area for a few days or a week, but when you least expect it the buyers will far out number the sellers and the stock will take off. FFGO should be a stock worth watching going forward.

Don’t say you weren’t warned. FFGO looks poised to post another multi 100% run here. We alerted you when there was no bid and the market makers were trying to give shares away. Currently there are 8+ market makers wanting shares at .0001 and only a few selling at .0002.

FFGO could head higher as the week progresses. Keep your eyes on it.