2009 June 19

If BCND keeps up at its current pace it should be announcing a name change anyday now:

  • Formerly=Intelective Communications, Inc. until 7-2008
  • Formerly=West Point Capital, Inc. until 10-07
  • Formerly=inCall Systems, Inc. until 6-06

  • I’m not so sure good management is defined as not being able to make up your mind. Pick a company name and stick with it. When their current “company”, BEACON REDEVELOPMENT INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION, received a buyout offer back in May why didn’t they jump on it? They could not get anyone to buy their stock, yet someone was willing to buy their publically traded company? Does that make any sense?

    BCND could prove to be another huge runner. An EESO runner. It could have also seen the highest price per share its going to see, absent a reverse split. This stock is buyer beware. That is not just me, its pink sheets as well. This is what Pinksheets.com has to say about BCND:

    • Questionable Promotion — The security is being promoted to the public, but adequate current information about the issuer has not been made available to the public.
    • Spam — The security is the subject of spam promotion having the effect of encouraging trading of the issuer’s securities.
    • Investigation of Fraud — There is a known investigation of fraudulent activity involving the company, its securities or insiders.
    • Suspension/Halt — A Regulatory Authority has halted or suspended trading for public interest concerns (i.e. not a news or earning halt).
    • Disruptive Corporate Actions — The security or issuer is the subject of corporate actions, such as reverse mergers or serial stocks splits and name changes, without adequate current information being publicly available.
    • Unsolicited Quotes — The security has only been quoted on an unsolicited basis since it entered the public markets and the issuer has not made adequate current information available to the public.
    • Other Public Interest Concern — There is, in Pink OTC Markets’ view, a public interest concern.

    Of course there might be a few more .000′s to squeeze out of this one before the music stops. Just make sure your not the one left standing and holding the bag.