2009 March 31

Back in January PGYC was just your average sub-penny stock. You could have snapped up shares for well under a penny. Well those days are gone. PGYC hit $.10 on significant volume. We alerted PGYC well below a penny. I’m sure you wish you had some sub-penny PGYC shares now!

our blog post from January –

I usually shy away from stocks that have big runs because I think that their price appreciation has run its course and the stock is ready to sell-off. In penny stock land the sell-off usually is more painful than the rise in price, because supply at the top always wins out over demand on the way down. A penny stock run that lasted weeks or months can come to a crashing halt in a matter of days or even hours as promoters, company insiders, and the like rush to squeeze every last penny out of the stock before its inevitable demise. The defenseless retail investor who bought at the top on a tip from a “friend” is left to average down with his daughters college money thinking the stock will enjoy the type of gains it had in the past. We all know how that story ends.

With that being said there are numerous times where buying at the top can make you a lot of money. Take DLAV for example. DLAV – Dealer Advance was a dormant company and the stock was thinly traded before it ran from $.0004 to $.04+ a year or so ago. The run took at least a week with many, including yours truly, thinking the run was over with each new high the stock made. But it kept going and going and going. And those who sold out early were the ones crying later.

PGYC pops on the Pennystockguru radar because the chart is showing a sizable increase in volume with a nice pop in price. If I had to guess I say PGYC breaks $.01 tomorrow or Monday and the company releases some news soon. I don’t know this stock well this is all a hunch, but if you look at the chart you will see what I am talking about. This was a $.04 stock a few months back. I see at least $.01 if not $.02 or better within a week. Just a hunch, as is all of the posts here on this blog.

Happy trading.